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Department for NDT and pressurized equipment inspection

Department for NDT and pressurized equipment inspection


Nondestructive testing (NDT), nondestructive methods of quality control or the testing of materials without destruction (Eng. Nondestructive testing or the Non-destructive testing - NDT) is a set of methods based on principles of physics in order to determine the material properties or the systems components, as well as the detection of various types of defects, and by this is not affecting the functionality of the material under test (test material remains intact). The primary purpose of nondestructive testing is to determine the quality and consistency of the base material and welded joints with the requirements of technical specifications and standards. The tests are mostly performed on the field. First of all pressure equipment, pipelines, constructions, semi-finished products and industrial products are examined.

In order to ensure success in today's competitive environment, the industry must ensure the correctness of their products at the most cost-effective possible way. Croatiainspect provides standard and innovative services of inspection nondestructive and all to help ensure the reliability and safety of the product or equipment to our clients.

Department of NDT employs inspectors trained according to the requirements of EN ISO 9712 and has the best equipment necessary to perform quality inspection services.

Durability of the departments resulted in the possibility of carrying out various services of NDT in different industries.

A wide range of our knowledge and experience we use in helping our customers when choosing the best technique tests for the detection of errors and irregularities in certain products.

We are committed to continuous improvement in the provision of our services, which is conducted an accreditation of the Department according to the requirements of ISO / IEC 17020 for inspection by non-destructive methods.


Croatiainspect staff is a trained and certified in accordance with the requirements of EN ISO 9712 according to we are providing, among other things, owns and certificates of qualification level 3 for magnetic particle testing, dye penetrant, ultrasonic and radiographic testing.


We constantly invest in high quality equipment, its maintenance, servicing and calibration to help our customers to guarantee the quality of the test results in the entire area of our activity. Last year also, with two sets of equipment for the conventional radiography, we purchased a new equipment for testing the method of digital radiography (CRT).

The Management Board continuously improves the quality of all components of the chain; the processes are standardized and updated in accordance with the statutory legislation, and in particular seeks to maximally adapt to the needs and demands of the market, and our key customers (constant raising the professional qualifications of our personnel, the technical equipment of the inspection body and the development of new inspection procedures).

The quality testing is determined by the chain:

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Testing procedures

Our test procedures past the audit by the experts of the Croatian Accreditation Agency, Croatian Register of Ships and Bureau Veritas and are proven to comply with all the requirements of the reference of the European and American standards and professional standards.

We possess and maintain the accreditation in the field of nondestructive testing of permanent joints and industrial products before and during exploitation, with methods of:

  • radiography
  • magnetic examination
  • penetrant examination
  • ultrasonic examination


From the date Croatia joined the European Union in the field of pressure equipment still a lot needs to be changed, fundamentally. This primarily refers to the periodic inspection of pressure equipment with a high level of risk, with the question whether the goal is to have a free market and therefore provide further development of the troubled Croatian economy or be still closed to a kind of monopole?

In 2004 began the European implementation in the Croatian technical legislation. This process also covers the area of pressure equipment which also includes:

  • stable pressure equipment
  • transportable pressure equipment
  • simple pressure vessels
  • aerosol dispensers

All this equipment is processed according to the relevant European directives, which must be transposed into the Croatian subordinate legislation (regulations). The inspection and testing area of pressure equipment is left, for now, in the jurisdiction of the individual states of the European Union. Today in Croatia it is defined by the Ordinance about the inspection and the testing of pressure equipment with a high level of danger (NN 142/2014).

Also, in Croatia, in the area of periodic inspections of pressurized equipment in 2008 the Agency for pressure equipment was established (OPT Agency) with the aim to take over some of the duties of the former Inspections of pressure vessels of the State Inspectorate. According to the set concept then, OPT Agency was supposed to work with the support of the state budget funds in the first year and then gradually turn to the market.

This idea was soon forgotten due to responsible authorities who lacked the desire for the implementation of this procedure and because of the differing views of individual ministries (the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Economy). OPT Agency today is a public institution, funded from the budget and without the authority to conduct criminal provisions.

Procedures for periodic inspection:

The inspection body must have detailed procedures for all activities carried out within the framework of periodic inspections.

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