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Control of oil and liquid petroleum fuels

Control of oil and liquid petroleum fuels

A system was organized and it obtained the competence supervisory institutions type 'A’ accreditation according to the requirements of ISO/IEC 17020:2012 for a wide range of activities, as described in the appendix of our accreditation.

Croatiainspect's inspectors are certified according to the regulations of the IFIA (International Federation of INSPECTION AGENCIES) whose programme are worldwide acceppted. 

Our inspectors are certified for inspection of:

  • crude oil
  • liquid petroleum fuels
  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas
  • biodiesel

In the regular course of business daily checks and determining compliance of the controlled products with the relevant requirements for these products are done in the following surveillance activities:

  • sampling and sample handling
  • measurement and amount calculation
  • analysis of the elements of quality
  • Feedback results analysis
  • issuing opinions and findings of the inspection procedure

Contact E-mail: nafta@croatiainspect.hr

Users can hire us to perform the following services throughout Europe, and in particular the Mediterranean:

Quantity control

Methods of transport and storage of liquid cargoes largely contain the risks of losses for both buyer and seller.

The team of well-trained and experienced inspectors, and the use of modern equipment and devices, provide the service of control of the amount of crude oil, petroleum products, chemicals and similar cargo which significantly reduces the risk of losses.
The control of the amount of liquid cargo, is performed by measuring levels in tanks - shore, ship, rail or car tanks. At the request of the service user, the control can be performed by weighing. the transport inspection is carried out by monitoring the transport and flow measurement in pipelines. By completing the control adequate documents of the control are given for the determined amount of goods. We are also able to provide users with insight into the state of transportation or stand, in any desired moment regardless of the time of day or year.

Quality control

Tests are conducted to determine the value of elements of the quality of certain goods, but also to verify the value of the quality of the goods declared by the specification. Tests will be carried out on samples of goods which are excluded in the prescribed manner, but also on a taken sample. Except services in the examination area, employees of Croatiainspect will be happy to help and advice and point on necessity of certain examination, present the expected value of individual measurements and respond to every inquiry. After the inspection a final document of the control is given that testifies to the determined quality of the goods. In addition, our inspectors will, keep a steady access to the course of the examination, if the user requests and promptly inform about the current state services.

After the the examination, the inspectors of Croatiainspect will allocate of each type of the goods a representative sample and store it. By subsequent retesting the stored samples we can at any time check and confirm previous obtained results.

The sampling

By the examination of the goods its quality will be determined. However, the test results will largely depend on the credibility of the excluded pattern goods. Our inspectors will for the customer exclude a sample of the goods in an appropriate manner prescribed by the relevant standards. This pattern will faithfully present the goods in full. The sample goods will be excluded from the tank or the pipeline by the inspectors, taking care of various parameters (density, temperature, precipitation, etc.), that affect its representativeness. Services to exclude samples are performed as required continuously 24 hours a day, or several times, at any time of the day and year.

Excluded sample will be stored in a solid closed and sealed container, marked with the stamp and label of CROATIAINSPECT. In the store specifically designed to hold the sample it will be saved over a time period specified by the customer.


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